Conformal Cooling Produformal SLM

To enrich our range of advanced services for mold makers, we place ourselves at the technological top by making available the service of creating mold inserts for SLM (Selective Laser Melting) molds with conformal cooling Produformal,

This small revolution allows us to design and manufacture highly critical mold parts and cooling difficulties by conducting cooling / conditioning in the most difficult parts of production molds.

We independently design the channels, simulate and test during each phase to transfer the benefits built by our molding customers.

We are able to supply raw inserts to be finished in our customers’ workshops, or we can supply the finished inserts worked in all parts in our workshop, to size, ready to be assembled in the molds.

We use the Hybrid technique creating inserts in the workshop and completing the Produformal construction, or Produformal monolithic inserts.
Material used Steel Maraging 1.2709, while the maximum dimension of the inserts can reach mm.250x250x300

As our standard we supply the heat-treated inserts.

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